Archival research (2016/2017)

Through the establishment of institutional agreements with the National Archives of Romania (ANIC), the Union of Visual Artists of Romania (UAP), and the support granted by the president of the CNSAS, Prof Dr. Dragos Petrescu, the research team has investigated extensively four archives in 2016:

  • at the National Archives of Romania (ANIC), the Archival Fund “Uniunea Artistilor Plastici (1950-1973)”, “Sindicatul Artelor Frumoase”, “Comitetul Central al Partidului Comunist Român, Secţia Propagandă şi Agitaţie”.
  • “Uniunea Artistilor Plastici” (UAP) at the Combinatul Fondului Plastic (1950-2010).
  • at The National Council for the Study of the Files of the Securitate (CNSAS), the UAP Problem, and individual files of artists and art critics.
  • at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Archival Fund Problem 240/1944-1969.
  • at the Ministry of Culture – partial access for the period 1950-1973.


Caterina Preda (ed.), Creating for the State The Relationship between Artists and the State during Communism (Special Issue of Studia Politica, Issue 3/2017).

Caterina Preda (ed.), The state artist in Romania and Eastern Europe The Role of the Creative Unions (Ed. Universității din București, 2017).

Caterina Preda, Dan Drăghia, Dumitru Lăcătușu, Alina Popescu, Cristina Stoenescu (ed.), Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici din România în documente de arhivă (Ed. Universității din București, 2016).

Caterina Preda, “The role of art in dealing with the communist past” in Justice, Memory and Redress in Romanian New Insights, ed. by Lavinia Stan & Lucian Turcescu (Cambridge Publishers, 2017), 166-189.

Caterina Preda, « Art of memorialization in Romania : ‘Project 1990’ as an anti-monument », Südosteuropa 3/2016, 307-324.

Caterina Preda, “Robert, Drăgan, Dragu. Profilul lui Vasile Drăguț în arhivele CNSAS”, Manuscriptum 1/2016, 351-358.

Organization of Conferences

The international conference “The ‘state artist’ in Romania and Eastern Europe” (5 November 2016, Department of Political Science, University of Bucharest) and photos of the day.

Participation to conferences by the members of our team

Caterina Preda participated to the XXXV International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) and chaired a panel titled “Art and politics in dictatorships” which included her paper ‘Art and politics of the Southern Cone: a comparison”. (29.05-01.06 2017).

Dan Drăghia and Alina Popescu participated to the conference SCOPE 2017 at the University of Bucharest and organized a panel Art for the Masses: Popular, National and the Distorted Imaginary of Western Values in the Romanian Arts during Communism (26-28 May 2017).

Dan Drăghia participated to the conference The social history of communism, at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, University Babeș-Bolyai Cluj-Napoca (4-5 May 2017).

Caterina Preda,Dumitru Lăcătușu, Dan Drăghia participated to a meeting ”The history of art, artists and specific institutions in Romania (1949-2010)” at the Institute of Art History G. Oprescu of the Romanian Academy (29 March 2017)

Caterina Preda,Dumitru Lăcătușu, Dan Drăghia, Alina Popescu, Cristina Stoenescu organized a Panel at Scope 2016, University of Bucharest (28 May 2016)

Caterina Preda participated to the Latin American Studies Association 50th Congress in New York (27-30 May 2016)

Caterina Preda participated to the conference  Performative Commemoration of Painful Pasts University of Stockholm (14-17 June 2016)

Alina Popescu participated to  the conference Art and politics in Europe in the modern world, University of Zagreb (29June – 2 July 2016)

Caterina Preda participated to the International Political Science Association Congress in Poznan (23-28 July 2016)

Caterina Preda, Alina Popescu participated to the international conference  ”La place du grand frère. Les échanges culturels entre l’Union Soviétique et les démocraties populaires à l’époque communiste” (Cerefrea, Bucharest, 16 Sept. 2016)

Caterina Preda, Dumitru Lăcătușu, Dan Drăghia, Alina Popescu, Cristina Stoenescu in a panel at the international conference The Artist and Society, University of Tbilisi (18-19 November 2016).


Caterina Preda and Cristina Stoenescu realized interviews with several members of the UAP: Dan Perjovschi, Magda Cârneci, Aurelia Mocanu, Cristina Russu, Petru Lucaci, Vasile Pop Negreșteanu.

Project Visibility

The team presented the research results at the Institute for the History of Art of the Romanian Academy (29 March 2017): Istoria artei, artiști și instituții specifice în România (1949-2010)

Caterina Preda participated to the Intercontinental Academia 2016 on Human Dignity, Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS), March 6-18 2016

Caterina Preda presented the research project at the workshop “Romanians in Diaspora and Diaspora in Romania. Similarities and Differences in Academic Careers“, Timisoara, 26-28 April 2016.

The announcement of our conference The state artist in Romania and Eastern Europe on

The announcement of our conference The state artist in Romania and Eastern Europe on

The Facebook Page “Artistul de stat UAP” of the Project which is constantly updated.

Monograph study of the Union of Romanian Artists’.