Cristina Stoenescu

MA Cristina Stoenescu
25645_1145888545803_8053428_nCristina Stoenescu has graduated the master programme of the Centre for Excellency in Image Studies in Bucharest and the Arts & Heritage track for graduate studies at the University of Maastricht. She has specialised in the history of contemporary art, with a focus on curatorship. She has cultivated an interest in the archive study of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania (UAP) ever since 2011 when the results of her archive research were published in a special edition of the Studia Politica (No.4/ 2011), entitled ”Continuities and Contrasts in the Post-communist Romanian Artistic Space”. During her Romanian graduate studies she helped document the project: X20: A radiography of Romanian Art after 1989”. Presently, Cristina Stoenescu focuses her research on UAP’s recent history, in terms of attempted institutional reforms and exhibition programmes.