Database with the monuments realized by the UAP Bucharest branch

This database includes the monuments we could identify in the archives kept by the UAP and which are now found at the National Archives of Romania (ANIC) and at the Combinatul Fondului Plastic (CFP). We have included 287 monuments realized in Bucharest in the period 1950-2010. For the period 1990-2010 when the UAP ceased to be the main producer of public monuments we have included those monuments realized by members of the UAP.

The database is meant as a research tool for further researches of the monuments of Bucharest, or those realized by the UAP. The final database was realized by Dan Drăghia on the basis of the documents collected by all the members of the research team (Dan Drăghia, Dumitru Lăcătușu,Alina Popescu, Caterina Preda, Cristina Stoenescu) .

We included as monuments, statues, busts, reliefs, mosaics, which were meant to decorate a public space (squares, streets, parks, gardens, institutions, factories – inside or outside, etc.).  The information found in the archives is fragmentary so for each monument we have included all the information we could identify. For example, for „dimensions” only half of the monuments have indications in this sense, and the „date” of the monument refers to the year it was created and placed in the public space. In what concerns „the place (localizare)” the sources we studied include references to the institution that ordered the monument, the beneficiary, and its placement. Where the current placement is unknown we kept the reference to its initial placement as it appeared in the documents.

The database with the monuments realized by the UAP Bucharest branch in the period (1950-2010). See more details about the database (in Romanian).

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